We all have the right to be happy!

Training in Archetypical Constellations and Energywork

based on the teachings of the Archetypes of the soul, old the appropriate use of  the mind, on Energy-and Bodywork,  -psychological -emotional and spiritual techniques, Meditation, Movement Music

organised in 8 modules

led by Barbara Probst

Begin  August 25-30

The Training in Archetypical Constellations is a living laboratory, dedicated to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of the Constellations and to do a significant change in their life. Each participant will make his own path of individual and spiritual knowledge and expansion, acquiring personal and professional tools, in order to free himself of old pains and dysfunctional dynamics and rediscover himself to live with a new sense of joy and happiness, guided by a new aware and strong self, able to choose and make decisions without letting conditioned by fears and needs.

We all want to be happy. It is our birthright. We know well what makes us unhappy; but do we really know what makes us happy?

The little child is happy because happiness exists. Mother and father will care of his needs of food and love. As an adult, however, everybody is responsible for his own happiness.

Who is happy is competent!

The best mother is the happy one. The best teacher is the happy one.

Being happy makes you authentic and willing to connect with others without judging them and without wanting to change them. It makes you open and present to yourself and your body, free and able to flow with life.

Being happy required a constant commitment to learn and to work on yourself,  because it doesn’t mean not suffering anymore, but guided by a new conscious, strong and empathic self, free from negative beliefs and identifications with dramatic events of life.

A new self leads to a new reality!

The training of the archetypes of the soul provides the tolls for such inner growth and allows to explore the inner world trough archetypical constellations and  precise introspection.

It is possibile to observe how the psychic forces of fear and survival instinct  are connected with the forces of the soul through and inner movement of tension and extension. To get aware about this movement, wich follows a natural rhythm, similar to inspiration and expiration, has a liberating and relaxing effect and favours a harmonious relationship between psyche and soul.

Knowledge of one’s soul matrix is a valuable tool of self-awareness, that reveals our existence in a new light and strenges courage, trust and acceptance of self and of life.

Sharing personal experiences is a vital exchange, based on mutual appreciation and respect,  and become a mirror for everyone to reflect on. In such a circle of trust and thruth happen growth and healing, and also miracles.

The main working tools are archetypical constellations, and energy work on body and emotions and on the creative potential of the mind, shamanic rituals and meditation.

At the core of this work are the teachings of soul archetypes, transmitted since 1983 by Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolke (Munich), offering a deep and unique vision of the nature of the soul, and bringing out the essential, the grandiose, the untouchable in each of us.

The teachings are based on the seven universal energies, described in Tibet over five thousand years ago. New is the description and discovery of these energies on the seven levels of the human being. By a specific combination of these energies derives the so-called matrix of the soul that is unique and individual and favors a precise perception of the forces of the soul and personality. The matrix expresses the energy structure, and with it comes the knowledge of how to live its potential. The archetypes of the soul, arising therefrom, express exactly our essence, the uniqueness of our character, our feelings, our way of thinking, our personal impressions, how to process the experience, how to draw conclusions and make decisions. Through the matrix of the soul, one can also recognize the age of the soul, indicating one’s sensibility and spiritual maturity, guiding one in harmony with the soul family, for the whole duration of our life.

Using the soul, we are connected with the principle of evolution of the universe, i.e., the strength that yearns for expansion and evolution, and that encourages a continual process of inner growth. How easy it is to understand the necessity of natural evolution on the physical level: every child becomes a man or a woman, much puzzled by the fact that makes the soul seek for its growth and friction resistance, not just to love and recognition as all of us want. The model of soul archetypes helps us to understand that life is not responding to our physical and psychic needs but in full harmony with the desire of the evolution of the soul. Belonging to different realities simultaneously with different policies and principles, every human being is a huge challenge and requires a long process of awareness and growth until he is able to live with harmony and serenity.

Goal and process of the course

The work with the archetypes of the soul leads us to explore the inner world with accurate insight that allows one to observe how the psychological forces of fear and survival-instincts are connected with the forces of the soul through an inner movement of tension and extension. Awareness is this movement-which follows a natural rhythm, similar to the inhalation and exhalation-has a liberating effect, relaxing and conducive to a harmonious relationship between the psyche and the soul. Its personality and its history can be seen with new eyes and accepted with more serenity. The intent to explore our soul opens us to the deep awareness of our uniqueness and frees us from the ideas of how we should or would like to be. Knowledge of one’s own soul matrix lets us view our existence in a new light, and strengthens the courage and confidence at the helm of the soul, accepting ourselves and life in all aspects

Key questions

  • How can I activate and integrate the forces of the soul to use as inexhaustible resources in my daily life?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of my soul with the difficult experiences of my life?
  • How can I learn to relax in the face of life’s challenges, and bring more lightness and serenity to the tasks of my soul?

Through specific energy work including constellations and meditation, the perception of sensitive forces of archetypes of the matrix of the soul is sharpened, by experiencing them in depth. Personal experience sharing is a vital exchange based on mutual respect and appreciation and becomes for all a mirror in which to reflect. In such a circle of trust and truth, growth and healing can happen, and miracles become possible.


The Mini-Training is organised in 8 modules, led by Barbara Probst

Dates 2023:   August 25-30 |September 22-24| October 13-15 | November 1-5 |December 8-10 |

Dates 2024: January 19-21 |February 9-11 | March 8-10 |

Location: Centro ArPA Bagno a Ripoli/Florence  


Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886